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Pin Mount w/ Male Clip End - Product Image
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Pin Mount w/ Male Clip End

  • Looking for making your diving rig meet your needs? Than check out our latest product!
  • These use a sharp pin that you push thru your webbing 1 or 2 inch soft or hard webbing
  • Once you push thru the webbing than you screw to lock it down on your harness!
  • Now set your harness up with our many different configurations of these pin mounts
  • The foot print is small it measures: The high duty plastic block is 1 inch by 1 inch and overall length from pin mount to the bottom of the clip is 5 inches
  • This mount uses a stainless steel 1 1/8 inch split ring which is sown onto a 1 inch black webbing and this holds the plastic male clip. This male clip fits many female 1 1/4 wide clips on the market!

  • Piranha's Price: $5.19