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Plastic Heavy Duty Style Backplate w/ Harness

Plastic Heavy Duty Style Backplate w/ Harness

  • Looking to lighten your load?
  • Our plate weighs in under 14 oz!
  • Traveling and just can not got your weight down
  • Piranha has come up with a another travel backplate with an easy carry handle!
  • This plate comes with multiple slots so you can vary your adjustments on your harness
  • Dual rail slots on the back to hold your your cylinder
  • Rear rail slots on the back align the cylinder and make this plate very stiff!
  • Made for diving with a single cylinder but can be used with doubles also! Has the hardware holes for doubles use!!
  • This tough and very durable backplate will last years od service and your back will thank you for lightening the load
  • This backplate comes with harness and be ready to go! You just need to add a tank cam strap to slip on and ready to go!
  • ***Our standard harness included with this plastic heavy duty backplate includes item below!
  • ** Soft black 2" inch wide webbing for a comfort fit
  • ** Stainless steel buckle and 3 6mm straight D-rings with slides 
  • ** Stainless steel buckle! 
  • ** The harness is already been built so no guess work just add a tank cam strap. If you have one then just order this kit if not go check out our different type to see which one best fits your needs

  • Piranha's Price: $33.99