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Propulsion Fin in BLUE***Size: Medium / Large*** - Product Image
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Propulsion Fin in BLUE***Size: Medium / Large***

  • These are close-out pricing and once the item is gone there are no back orders! We have a limited amount of product left and the shelf's are being cleaned
  • This Propulsion fin derives from an age-old tradition of the best fins and evolved as a result of cutting-edge engineering and the latest developments in material science.
  • The blade allows perfect performance/force compromise.
  • The fluid dynamic channels collect, contain, and channel water with no dispersion. The ample foot pocket offers the right comfort and support with an ample entry with larger boots plus a high profile strap.
  • The two-button safety buckle prevents accidental opening in water. Blade material: technopolymer, with special formula.
  • Shoe material: thermoplastic rubber
  • You can also use fin straps with this model! Select either a buckle or clip type strap to work with this fin

  • Piranha's Price:    $49.99 
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