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Ratio iX3M 2 Dive Computer "Select your model!" Free Domestic Shipping! - Product Image
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Ratio iX3M 2 Dive Computer "Select your model!" Free Domestic Shipping!

 There is an iX3M 2 for every diver.

iX3M 2 Pro
Air + Nitrox, 3 Mixes

iX3M 2 Deep
Air + Nitrox + Trimix (Normoxic), 3 Mixes

iX3M 2 Tech+
Air + Nitrox + Trimix (full) + CCR, 10 Mixes
with user-settable Gradient Factors (High & Low) and Critical Bubble Radius.


Ratio Oxygen Analyser "Not included in Kit!"


Sensor: Electrochemical (compatible with Vandagraph R-22VAN or Analytical Industries PSR-11-39-MD) NOT INCLUDED;

Range: 0.1-100%,
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: +/- 1%

Temperature of use: 0 -> +40°C
Temperature of stock: 0 -> +50°C
Sensor life-time: about 36 months (at 25°C, 50% R.H., sea level, with protection cap plugged)

User-replaceable sensor
Sensor update time: c.a. 10sec

user-replaceable battery
Battery type: 1.5V type N, LR1, MN9100,AM5, 4001 (standard)

Automatic calibration of the sensor: Yes
Automatic validation of the sensor: Yes


What's in the box

Oxygen analyser

1 battery 1.5V type N, LR1, MN9100,AM5, 4001 (standard)

1 protective cap for sensor 


Transmitter Details:


A state of the art Wireless Air Transmitter that gives you the current tank pressure on the Ratio® dive computer, wirelessly and that flashes green, yellow or red according to your tank's pressure during the whole dive.

Light coded alarms on the tank showing the status of the tank.

Wireless Air Integration for iDive Sport, iDive COLOR, iX3M [Pro] and iX3M [Gps]

Battery: USB Rechargeable Li-Po (~ 90 hr of diving)

Max readable pressure: 3625 Psi(250 BAR)
Max supportable  pressure: 4351 Psi (300 BAR)

Max Depth: 721 ft / 220 mt 

Piranha's Price: $0.00 
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