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Rebreather Valve GREEN Handwheel  "Old Style 1 Left" - Product Image
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Rebreather Valve GREEN Handwheel "Old Style 1 Left"

  • The Blue Steel valve uses a 200 bar outlet allowing you to use a 200 or 300 bar din fitting
  • This valve is made to be used specifically with rebreathers
  • You are purchasing a valve with a GREEN Handwheel!
  • Can be used either on diluent or oxygen cylinders "Assembled with oxygen service components"
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4" tall includes rubber stopper end
  • Has a rubber bump stop located at the bottom to protect the valve!
  • Valve is chrome plated over brass
  • Uses short "cave style" handwheel on this valve "Green Handwheel"
  • 5250 psi burst disk
    Piranha's Price: $39.99 
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