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SK7 / SK8 Compass Multicolored Mount "Limited Edition Mount!" 1 Left! - Product Image
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SK7 / SK8 Compass Multicolored Mount "Limited Edition Mount!" 1 Left!

  • Bungee mount for the Suunto SK7 or SK8 compass
  • You are purchasing a limited edition mount and once these are gone you may never see them again so be the only guy with a different looking mount and you will never get your compass confused with anyone's mount! 
  • You are only purchasing the mount and not the compass or ring!
  • The SK7 / SK8 compass will still operate even when tilted off level
  • Factory boot is however, hard to don with their strap, and too tall on your wrist!
  • The DSS replacement mount is a lower profile, and is designed to accept 1/8 in. to 3/16 in. diameter Bungee Cord. Bungee Cord mounted gauges are far easier to don than Buckled straps, and are depth compensating.
  • New version will work with both black & white friction rings
  • The compass snaps into the boot and is securely held in place
  • Our mount comes FREE with either RED, BLACK, Ocean Blue or OLIVE 1/8 bungee cord (3 feet supplied)
  • Mount is a low profile design and with bungee cord is self depth compensating
  • Made from tough elastomeric material that will remain flexible at low temperatures

  • Piranha's Price: $15.50 
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