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Sartek Micro 220 Lumen LED Dive Light - Product Image
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Sartek Micro 220 Lumen LED Dive Light

  • Sartek's EBL2200LI-Micro is a Rugged, Dependable, Small, High Power 220 lumen LED Light with a tight 7 degree beam that is brighter than most 10 watt HIDs.
  • The EBL2200LI-Micro contains a control circuit that optimizes the light output and the burn time. The EBL2200LI-Micro will run at full output for .5 hours and then will continue to produce a painfully bright beam for over 2 hours and will continue to produce usable light for more than 8 hours on a single rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, that contains a protective circuit.
  • The body is made of Delrin and the lens is polycarbonate.
  • It is bright enough to be used as a primary light and perfectly meets the needs as a backup light, that is, it always works, even with nearly dead battery.
  • Dimensions are 1" diameter x 3.5" long
  • Includes: Smart Charger and 2 Lithium Ion Cells
  • Depth rated for 1000'
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