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Side Mount / Canister Tri-Glide w/ TEETH

Side Mount / Canister Tri-Glide w/ TEETH

You can use in several ways or experment and find even more uses!

Our Tri-Glide Bracket  is made out of 304 Marine Grade stainless steel

We also tumble these for 48 hours to get the edge sikly smooth to not damage webbing or bungee!

This model we use our special gripper teeth that will hold your webbing but not damage it! 

The 4 holes are design for 1/4" inch bungee cord "Not Icluded!"

Dimensions: 3 3/8" inches overall length / 15/16" Width

Rounded edges make sure their is not sharp areas to cut or damage any dive gear! 

If your using for sidemount diving you can use these as a rear mounting point for bungee loops or secure your canister light with this great little product

Made in the good ole Usa! 


Piranha's Price: $8.99