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Silicone Tank Strap "For Lp-50's and Alum 40's Sizes" - Product Image
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Silicone Tank Strap "For Lp-50's and Alum 40's Sizes"

  • Just like our elastic tank bands these silicone ones will provide many years of service!
  • The strap has a nice pull tab to lift and reset your hoses or set up
  • Fits the following cylinders!
  • * Alum 30's
  • * Alum 40's
  • * Steel Lp-45's
  • * Steel Lp-50's
  • Fits in the 5" inch diameter range
  • Comes in 3 colors Black, Yellow, Green and Mixed Pink! : Select Below!
  • Add a tank banger to your strap if you want to make a little noise


  • Our 6inch diameter Silicone tank strap fits on all standard AL80 or similar diameter tanks.
  • The strap can be used in standard or side mount tank set-ups to secure hoses and other dive accessories tightly to tanks.
  • Technical Divers, Cave Divers and Underwater photographers secure all manner of equipment with our Tank Strap.

  • Piranha's Price: $6.99 
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