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Special! 55" (140cm) Rubber Weight Belt with Marseillaise SS Buckle "Black" - Product Image
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Special! 55" (140cm) Rubber Weight Belt with Marseillaise SS Buckle "Black"

  • Looking for a Marseillaise style weight belt for spearfishing? Here one is


  • You did not need to stop and adjust this weight belt due to wet suit compression at depth. The 55" (140cm) Marseilles Rubber Weight Belt allows the serious spear fisherman to snug up the belt at the surface and forget it while fishing.
  • Our Elastic Rubber Weight Belt is manufactured with a High Stretch Rubber to keep your Weights Comfortably in proper position during ascents and descents on your spearfishing dives.


  • The High Elastic Properties of the Belt will Contract and Compress with your body and wetsuit during your descent and will allow it to expand and Stretch as your body and wetsuit expand during ascent keeping your weight belt Properly Positioned.
  • The Marseilles Buckle is made of Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant 304 Stainless Steel and is designed for a Quick Release if necessary.

  • Piranha's Price: $12.99