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Special! Aquatec 200R Guardian Air Filter System **Warning! For Air Use Only!! - Product Image
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Special! Aquatec 200R Guardian Air Filter System **Warning! For Air Use Only!!

  • Compact & elegant lightweight design, no burden to use. N.W. 97 grams, Meas. 88 x 21.5 mm.
  • You are purchasing the 200R Air System Kit! Comes complete with Rose color Filter body, 1 Filter and Bottle to use with filter only! This is the highest rated filter system by Aquatec to use!
  • Notice: For air use only! Do not use with Nitrox or any mix gases!!!
  • Provide you a clean and moisture air, reduces dry throat symptoms.
  • Compatible to most all of regulators.
  • Much easier to equalize
  • Lower incidence of post-diver headaches.
  • Producing oxygen which contains negative ions that majorly refresh, invigorate and increase alertness in order to improve diving performance.
  • Charcoal & Wool felt filter remove trace particles of odor, rust, and dust.
  • The molecular sieve absorbs moisture and spreads it into the airflow that helps increase the humidity when divers are breathing.
  • Simply attached between your First stage and Regulator hose and fill distilled water or bottled water.
  • Compatible with Nitrox up to 40% (The maximum recreational limits for nitrox diving).
  • Artificial Atmosphere 0.1% humidity Extremely Dry Tank Air.
  • How does the tank air become re-humidified?
  • Simulating Natural Atmosphere humidity ( 30% to 70% ) with clean air .
  • With each breath taken on land, your body will naturally release and replenish humidity continuously. The average humidity (moisture) level worldwide is approximately 70%. But Compressed air within a tank has a humidity level of less than 0.1% which is far below the humidity in the atmosphere.

    Therefore, during a dive our Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is able to increase humidity continuously.

    Benefits of proper humidity (moisture):

    • Reduced level of fatigue from dehydration
    • More efficient gas exchange in lungs
    • Lower incidence of post dive headaches
    • No cotton mouth & dry throat free
    • Charcoal filter removes micro-particulates from the air supply


    AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is installed between the High pressure scuba air tank Low Pressure port and the Second stage regulator. After each dive, be sure to remove the Air Filter Moisture cartridge completely dry and then stored in a dry environment.

    The AQUATEC Guardian Air filter moisture system is dampened by user prior to installation. There is an Air Chamber design at the bottom of Guardian Air Filter Moisture System to provide a smooth and high volume air to breathe (Patented). Each breath draws a little moisture from the cartridge and adds it to the air stream to increase humidity.

  • How to inject distilled water into the Guardian air filter moisture system:

    Before the installation, please tear the sealed bag, the dry humidifier completely wet with distilled water, rotated into the cover of the housing’s O-ring position and then tighten the cover, each dive quickly added, and in the storage before it is completely dry.

    Guardian Air Filter Moisture System contains a material PE, 20 cc / ml syringe, which injects distilled water or bottled water into the syringe, then injects the water into the cartridge. The amount of water is about 5 cc / ml. The cartridge net weight 7.0 grams, full of moisture content of 12.0 grams. In a recreation dive,  Every 10 minutes of compressed air through the Air filter moisture cartridge sucked about 1cc to 1.25 cc, so the cartridge can be used for about 40 to 50 minutes, after the sucked air will be the original cylinder dry Air, which will keep the low pressure hose and the Second Stage in dry.

    The Air Filter Moisture Cartridge sits inside a housing that is hand-tight. You add moisture to the cartridge after use to ensure optimal humidity level during each dive. at the end of a day's diving simply slide the cartridge off and allow it to air dry completely before storage.

    It is granted that an ample supply air comes first for scuba diving, but no less crucial is the quality of air. It is essential to pulmonary respiration and comfortable of moisturized air, and for safer diving. Aquatec’s Guardian Air Filter Moisture System removes the problems associated with dry tank air, and filters out trace particles of dust, rust, and odor. On the other hand, on land our nasal system filters out many impurities before air enters the body. This photo shows the inside of an air tank chosen at random from a rental facility. When air is compressed into a tank, small amounts become liquefied and settle in the cylinder. Water, salt, rust, silicon residue, and aluminum oxide can form inside the tank along with oil and carbon dust. This is because of the poor compressor maintenance. A tank's design does not allow these contaminants to be released until the cylinder is cleaned and serviced. The build-up leaves a residue in the tank at the very end. The air coming from a tank will contain odors and impurities associated with these types of contaminants are very likely to happen. To Use the optional charcoal filter will help exterminate micro-particulates from the air supply. The Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is perfect for all scuba divers to provide clean, moisturized air - this includes the adventurous travel diver enjoying locations where purity is questionable or the weekend diver who seeks comfort and additional safety.

    Installation Precautions:

    AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is installed in the middle of the First Stage Low-Pressure (L/P) outlet and the Second Stage Low Pressure Hose. After diving, remove the cartridge, completely dry and store it in a dry environment.

    How to inject distilled water into the air filter moisture system:

    Guardian Air Filter Moisture System. The system contains a 5 cc/ml medical grade syringe, fill distilled water or bottled water and then equips water content into the filter humidification cartridge. The amount of water is about 5cc/ml.  Guardian Air Filter Moisture System net weight of 7.0 grams, full of moisture content of 12.0 grams.

  • The Guardian Air Filter Moisture System’s humidification system comprises a housing, a first felt, a polymeric activated carbon, a molecular sieve, and a second felt, and the second felt is sequentially disposed within the housing. Characterized in that the filter module is filled with water by immersion in pure water or filtered water or RO reverse osmosis water, and when the air of the high-pressure air bottle is injected from one end of the sleeve through the filter module The first felt and the activated carbon will bring the moisture in the molecular sieve and spread the moisture into the second regulator via the second felt, thereby simultaneously achieving the purpose of filtering and humid zing the air.

  • Maintenance

    • WARNING:
    • Improper installation, use, or maintenance of the AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System could result in serious injury or death.
    • WARNING: The AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is only for recreational diving purpose which supports the depths that is not exceed 130 feet of seawater/ 40 meters. Do not use the Guardian Air Filter Moisture System with enriched air nitrox or for any other mixed gas diving.
    • WARNING: Only use distilled water into the Guardian cartridge, after each dive, remove the Air filter moisture cartridge and allow it to cool and dry it in a closed container.
    • WARNING: Never use a sharp object like a screwdriver or knife to remove O-rings from your AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System. Use of these types of devices may damage the O-rings or the sealing surface. This will cause the Guardian Air Filter Moisture System to leak air.
    • Adsorption gas, liquid or colloidal solid

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