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Standard Arm Slate w/ Bungee  - Product Image
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Standard Arm Slate w/ Bungee

  • 3 pcs Style Arm Writing Slate
  • This is the standard writing slate most divers use
  • Every diver should carry either an arm or pocket slate for underwater communication
  • Great for writing down important dive information and not trying to remember
  • Flipping each page is easy with the bungee holding the pages in place!
  • 2 mounting options! Either by 2 piece bungee or strap.. Both are included for you to choose the best way for you to mount
  • Comes also with a carbon pencil. The pencil is located in a secure holder so you never have to search for your writing instrument 
  • This arm slate does not use o-rings which can break but use a simple bungee cord to hold your 3 piece writing slate! 

  • Piranha's Price: $8.99