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Super Pony Tamer Pony Bottle Mount - Product Image
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Super Pony Tamer Pony Bottle Mount

  • Use this mount bracket for 20 cu ft cylinders or LARGER
  • Mount is made from high quality aluminum that is anodized to protect its finish
  • The first solid mount quick release pony bottle bracket system now in its 3rd generation.
  • The Super Pony Tamer® has forever taken the hassle out of changing your pony tank.
  • Sets up both of your main tanks and pony bottle with no hidden costs and nothing else to buy
  • The Super Pony Tamer is simple to use and easy to install
  • Included are the following items: Included Parts 1 Male Bracket 2 Female Brackets 6 Large SS Stage Clamps 3 Small SS Stage Clamps 1 Clevis Pin/Lanyard Assembly 1 Male Stabilizer 2 Female Stabilizers
  • This set-up mounts the pony bottle on your RIGHT SIDE!
  • The Super Pony Tamer® comes with all necessary parts to outfit 2 main tanks and your pony bottle. Once installed, switching your pony tank takes 5 seconds & does not interfere with your BCD
    Piranha's Price: $134.99