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Synchro Nitrox Complete Regulator Set-Up  " Only 1 LEFT!"

Synchro Nitrox Complete Regulator Set-Up " Only 1 LEFT!"

  • These are close-out pricing and once the item is gone there are no back orders! We have a limited amount of product left and the shelf's are being cleaned
  • This is a 200 bar din only first stage with a ready to use right out of the box second stage and hose for up to 99% mixes!
  • Technical divers you no longer have to clean your first and second stages prior to going on that deep dive that day!
  • Seac has a regulator that you can go nitrox diving that day with up to 99% pure oxygen and not have to worry about it!
  • The regulator for diving with pure oxygen 99%
  • Designed for the use of oxygen mixtures up to 99%, equipped with a dedicated connector and assembled with oxygen-compatible components and lubricants.
  • Features
  • First stage materials: shiny chrome-plated brass
  • Second stage materials: ultralight technopolymers
  • HP outlets: 2
  • LP outlets: 5
  • Respiratory exertion at 50 msw and 50 barg: 0.77 J/l
  • Din 232 Bar Model: 8700 ONLY
  • Special Features li>Green Faceplate indicates Nitrox Use!
  • Easy purge button design: The purge button is design for easy use with or without using heavy "thick" dive gloves!
  • Exhaling Membrane: The oval foam of the second stage membrane was specially studied and constructed to allow a greater surface to facilitate the exhaling phase, guaranteeing a totally natural breathing process!
  • Membrane Block Safety System: A safety system that guarantees perfect functioning and stability during all phases of your dive, even when there is no cap!
  • Deflector: The deflector has a particular design on the second stage. The design allows for a comfortable lodging for the chin and guides the exhausted air out on the side so not to disturbed a diver with bubbles in the face!
  • Asymmetric Lever This lever design in the second stage allows maximum opening of the valve and helps improves the deep water performance of this regulator
  • Dive/Pre-Dive:This lever on the second stage allows you the optimal management to control the venturi effect of your regulator before, during or after the dive on the surface of the water
  • Certifications
  • RINA Certifications for Cold Water
  • CE EN 250 2000
    Piranha's Price: $139.99 
    Item out of stock! Please contact us for arrival dates at piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com