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Technical Aluminum Black Backplate  - Product Image
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Technical Aluminum Black Backplate

We have a new Tec backplate made out of aluminum 5052


We only brought in a limited number after we tested this product to see who diver's like this design 


This high performance aluminum tec scuba diving back plate is lightweight and durable with high strength with strong corrosion resistant and wear-resistant 


The outside edge "Perimeter" has 7/16" side holes for mounting lights, tank bottles, lift bags and other accessories


Has 3 slots to route cam straps for the best balance when diving with a single tank


Has 2 slots for crotch straps either 1" inch or you can use the wider slot for either 1 1/2" or 2" inch crotch straps


Using for doubles no problem with have 3 alignment holes near the top with a full open slot near the bottom so sliding your tanks bolts a as easy as 123! 


Bult with a deep channel so your bolts will not stick you in your back! This plate is very comfortable to wear and a breeze to set-up your harness to it 


Built for use with 2" inch wide webbing.




- Material: High strength 5052 Aluminum

- Size (L x W): Approx. 39.7 x 26 cm/15.6 x 10.2 inch

- Net weight: around 500 gram / 17.6 Oz! / 1.2.0lbs

- Color: Black

Piranha's Price: $89.99