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Tiara 2 Mask Metal Red w/Clear Silicone Skirt - Product Image
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Tiara 2 Mask Metal Red w/Clear Silicone Skirt

  • Our latest mask has crystal silicone double feather-edge facial skirt and with a silicone strap!
  • It has a super low volume and fits most standard faces "Masks will not fit young kids!"
  • This mask provides a wide field of vision while diving
  • We use on this mask a unique flexible buckle system that swivels with facial movements and absorbs shock, Helps prevents buckle breakage when mask is dropped or bumped
  • We also use a patented push button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment
  • This mask will also accept optical lenses if needed
  • This mask also uses anti-fog technology "AFT Mask" which reduces the need for special anti fog applications
  • You can also purchase a soft or hard case for your mask and save $$ from our drop down boxes below!
  • Want mask anti-fog or lens buff order at time of purchasing our mask and get special pricing
    Piranha's Price: $14.99 
    Item out of stock! Please contact us for arrival dates at piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com