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Torpedo 3500 DPV "Free Domestic Ground Shipping!" - Product Image
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Torpedo 3500 DPV "Free Domestic Ground Shipping!"

  • So you looking for a less expensive dpv scooter without breaking the bank? Well check these out!
**Comes complete ready to use with the following:
**Battery for scooter
**Battery Charger 
** All Molded Construction! 

    • The Main Seal

      The battery compartment is fitted with an O-ring seal for optimum protection against leakage. This proven method of sealing is easy to maintain.

    • Buoyancy

      In normal use, the Torpedo DPV is negative when underwater. This allows a diver to set the unit down on the bottom to make equipment adjustments, facilitate exploration, explore a wreck or reef or pause to take pictures. For the snorkeler who wants the unit to be more buoyant, floatation accessories are available.

    • Handle Design

      The handles are designed for optimum function. Their location along the centerline of thrust and buoyancy provides minimal operation effort and arm fatigue while in use. This design also allows the user to carry the Torpedo DPV with ease while out of the water. The common 7/8 inch handle diameter allows for numerous accessory attachments to better adapt this unit to the individual's needs.

    • Storage

      The Torpedo DPV can be positioned upright for ease in opening and closing the unit to access the battery, as well as minimizing floor space during storage.

    • Switch

      A magnetically activated reed switch, is designed for both safety and dependability. A magnet, convienently inserted in a velco palm strap, activates the switch.

    • Motor

      Sealed mercury marine/motorguide aluminum housing trolling motor.

    • Construction

      The housing and shroud are made of durable injection molded plastic. The handles are powder coated aluminum and all hardware is stainless steel.

    • Low Cost Battery

      35 AH absorbed electrolyte sealed lead acid battery. DIMENSIONS: Width 5 1/8?, Height 6?, Length 7 5/8?, and Weight 26 lbs.

    • Charger

      Fully automatic 6 amp. output recharges a fully discharged battery in 3 to 4 hours. Input: 120 VAC 60 HZ.

    • Hydrodynamics

      The computer aided design of the Torpedo DPV enables the free flow of water through the shrouded propeller to maximize efficiency of the motor thrust.

    • Specs:

    Height 33 inches tall
    Diameter (inch) 10 inches

    Width: 12 inches
    Weight without battery: 24lbs pounds
    Weight with battery: 50lbs pounds

    Depth Rating (Feet) 170 feet
    Buoyancy - Negative(lb) -2.5lbs pounds

    Battery Time (Minutes) 50 minutes
    Speed "MPH" 3.5

    Piranha's Price: $934.99 
    add 2nd Battery  
    Add Battery Carry Bag  
    Add Buoyancy Bag w/ OPV  
    Add DPV Carry Bag  
    Add Charger  
    Add Camera / Video Platform  
    Add Accessories Gauge Bar