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Vindicator Handwheel in ORANGE! - Product Image
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Vindicator Handwheel in ORANGE!

  • We now have a limited amount in ORANGE so if you been waiting for them do not miss out!
  • This color is made for rescue divers / teams or divers looking for that little bit more of allowing your dive buddy to quickly spot it in a hurry!

  • We are proud to offer the Vindicator Handwheel for many of today's scuba valves on the market
  • This is the original marker of this product! Do not purchase the copy cat model in the market!! Those models have reported having failures in the field so make sure you are purchasing the Vindicator
  • This special knob is a safety device that can help divers avoid inadvertently starting a dive with a cylinder valve in the CLOSED position
  • With this handwheel design it will indicate at a glance if the valve is in the open or closed position. You may even see it in an in between setting depending on how you turn it on!
  • Using the Vindicator knob is an easy way to reassure yourself and your dive buddy the status of your cylinder valve
  • Instructors will love this knob so that they can see that the diver's cylinder valve is either in the fully open position or that it is in the closed position at a quick glance
  • Using the Vindicator knob is also easy with or without dive gloves on
  • The knob is slightly oversized in design!

  • Select your valve manufacturer to ensure a proper fit

  • The inner collar uses 2 different color options to choose from our drop down box below!
  • Choose from
  • GREEN: Choose this model for Air, oxygen or high deco mixes
  • GREEN / YELLOW band: Most commonly used in mixes 36% and under

  • Here is a list of manufacturers that this handle will fit onto!
  • Thermo
  • Sherwood 4000 & 5000 valves
  • PST
  • OMS
  • Catalina
  • Dacor
    Piranha's Price: $15.89 
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