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1" Nylon Tubular Webbing in Sage Green - Product Image
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1" Nylon Tubular Webbing in Sage Green

  • Our tubular webbing is 1" inch wide and we use this with our hose clamps to protect our cylinders from nicks / scratches! We sell this item by the foot so when ordering please keep this in mind


  • Our tubular nylon webbing is a smooth and flexible woven nylon used for different purposes. Our tubular nylon webbing is tough and is made with durable, woven nylon that can lie flat against any surface "Hose Clamps against cylinders". It is just as strong as standard single layered nylon even though our tubular nylon webbing is thinner and stronger in most cases. It has a smooth outer texture and is surprisingly soft and flexible considering its strength and many uses including watersports.


  • Our tubular nylon webbing has a durable design and nylon webbing details make it an excellent choice for: watersports, backpacking, rafting, support straps or lines, and many other purposes (non-life safety). It's perfect for tying or knotting as well and the knots are easily removable no matter how tight they've been pulled. Another unique feature of our tubular nylon Webbing is that it doesn't fray like rope or other types of webbing. Instead, it retains its strength and resistance to abrasion or other wear and tear.


  • Sold by the foot

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