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1/4" Plastic Bungee Cord Hooks "Closed Hook" - Product Image
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1/4" Plastic Bungee Cord Hooks "Closed Hook"

  • Open or closed plastic hooks eliminate the need for the Bungee Cone Hook.
  • The plastic sleeve conceals the end of the cord. No tools are needed for assembly.
  • These hooks are not as strong as the metal cone hook but are great for assemblies making tarps, attaching to objects, tie downs, and many other uses.
  • Available in open or closed sizes.

  • Dimensions
  • 6mm Two Piece Plastic Bungee Hook with Tongue
  • Fits 1/4" Bungee Cord
  • Hook Type "Closed"
  • A 2 1/4" inches / 57 mm
  • B 9/32" inches / 7.143mm
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