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1/8" Bungee Shock Cord Neon Orange Commercial Grade - Product Image
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1/8" Bungee Shock Cord Neon Orange Commercial Grade

  • Our shock cord has a heavy duty out sheath of nylon
  • This is made for us and is the best shock cord you can purchase! This is a marine grade outer cover and our inside materials are made to last in the harshest dive conditions you can find! This 1/8 cord is slightly larger in diameter than a standard 1/8 bungee because of what we do inside and out!
  • Our inner EPDM rubber strands are continuous
  • Combine our outer and inner components to have high resistance to abrasion and reduces fatigue
  • Our shock cord has excellent stretch ability and quick recovery rate
  • Special fibers used on the outer cord create higher resistance to ultraviolet rays which lead to premature cord failures
  • Our shock cord is made in the U.S.A.!
  • Use bungee shock cord in place of surgical tubing. Shock cord will last longer in most diving applications
  • Save money and carry this little spool around with you! Makes helping you or a friend in need now easy!!
  • Sold by the foot!

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