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180 Buna Professional O-Ring Kit - Product Image
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180 Buna Professional O-Ring Kit

  • You now can purchase one of our o-ring kits and save money by not having to purchase any picks if you already have them! Our latest kit allows you the choice and saving you money
  • Our O-ring kit only uses genuine Dupont made O-rings
  • All the O-rings in this kit are 90 durometer
  • The kit has 12 different o-rings with 15 pieces of each one giving you 180 pieces!
  • You can also select o-ring picks and lube for your kit at a reduce price

  • Please see below what each kit contains
  • 003 Submersible Pressure Gauge; Swivel Seal
  • 010 LP Hose/2nd stage Interface Power Inflator Stems, Reg. Hose; Swivel End
  • 011 Low pressure Regulator Hose: Male end; Reg. Port Plug, hose adapters
  • 012 High Pressure Seat Seal, Console/gauge hoses; Male end
  • 013 Large Port; Piston Seat seal; Survivair Manifolds; Power Seal
  • 014 Std. Tank/Regulator 2nd stage inlet fittings; J Regulators
  • 015 1st Stage Inlet fittings; HP Seal Retainer; J-Valve Module
  • 022 Common Regulator Piston Ring/Body Plug Seal
  • 111 Small DIN Reg. Valve/BC Inflators/Nemrod/Australian
  • 112 DIN Regulator, BASAL DIN Seal, Steel Tank Valve Ring
  • 116 1/2" Tank Neck, Genesis Tank Neck O-ring
  • 214 3/4" Large Tank Neck Ring
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