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3 Way Lanyard w/ Plastic Carabiner "Military Green Model" - Product Image
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3 Way Lanyard w/ Plastic Carabiner "Military Green Model"

So we have this new 3 way lanyard with 2 one inch quick release plastic snaps and also included our plastic carabiner in matching color! We also include 3 of our 1" inch stainless split rings to replace the ones on the unit since we cannot tell what type of mtetal these are! When they built these for us we think they used the wrong splits rings on them so we are including 3 more just in case until we can verify them!

Has 3 connection points!

Also 2 plastic quick release snaps 

With our plastic carabiner is just the perfect little lanyard 

Connected with 1 inch wide nylon webbing! 

Many different ways to confuguire your lanyard! 

Piranha's Price: $5.49