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4" Reef Scuba Survivor Reel!  - Product Image
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4" Reef Scuba Survivor Reel!

* Can you say welcome back to a dive reel divers have loved for years! Well we are just starting the re-building process for these reels and are offering you a chance to get one of these very limited dive reels

*Our 4" Survivor Reels are used for every application from Dive Flags, Safety Stops, Long Runs, Exploration, warm water diving to Cave & Cavern diving.

* Our tension knob design allows you better tension control during your dive!

* You can select your line size and Type of swivel bolt snap from brass to stainless

* Ever get a jammed or birdnested reel? It happens even to the best divers from time to time. No worries with our reel you can unscrew the tension knob and remove the whole spool while underwater to fix any issues you have. You ask how well when you purchase one of our reels remove the tension knob / spool assembly and check out how we have a little trick up our sleeves! This is one user friendly dive reel! 

* When your application requires a more dive line, this 4" reel will meet all your requirements! 

  • User adjustable spool tensioning * Turning the knob applies tension to the spool!
  • Ability to unjam your reel underwater
  • Choice of interchangeable spool modules for different diving applications. You can select from:
  • *** #18 / Coming
  • *** #24 / 350 Feet 
  • *** #36 / 250 Feet 
  • *** #48 / 200 Feet
  • Field serviceable
  • Quality and service above price
  • Comes with a BRASS Swivel bolt snap but you can upgrade to Stainless Steel from our drop down boxes!

Piranha's Price: $144.99 
Select Line Size  
Upgrade your Swivel Bolt Snap!