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500 PSI Stink Guard 4oz Spray Bottle - Product Image
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500 PSI Stink Guard 4oz Spray Bottle

  • Eliminate stink from your wetsuit or dive bags!
  • Stink Guard uses the most effective method of odor control - elimination of odors at their source.
  • This is the most effective odor removing treatment available.
  • Designed to be used on all wetsuits & dive equipment where foul odors are a problem.
  • 500 PSI Stink Guard is environmentally friendly & safe to use where lingering odors are found.
  • Stink Guard coverts gaseous odor molecules into a solid instead of other brands that mask or digest offensive odors.
  • No offensive odors whatsoever - Instantly. Directions: Apply directly - No need to rinse.
  • 500 PSI Stink Guard comes in a convenient 4 fl oz (118 ml) Pump Spray Applicator.
  • Features
  • Great Odor Control Product
  • Eliminates Odor at the Source
  • Most Effective Odor Remover Available
  • Designed for All Dive Gear
  • Great for Athletic Shoes and Laundry Areas
  • Environmentally Friendly & Safe
  • Converts Gaseous Odor to Solid Doesn't Mask Odor
  • Works Instantly
  • No Need to Rinse
  • 4 fl oz (118 ml) Spray Applicator

  • Piranha's Price: $5.49