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6ft XS Scuba Quick Launch Buoy Marker "Color: PINK"

6ft XS Scuba Quick Launch Buoy Marker "Color: PINK"

Deploying a marker buoy from depth has its challenges and here could make your dive a little easier? Also new to launching a surface marker buoy? This will make your learning much quicker and safer



  • Easy Deploy Design
  • Simplifies Procedure
  • Just Add Air & Let-It-Fly
  • Provides Excellent Visibility

  • Over-Pressure Relief Valve w/Pull Cord 

Surface Marker Buoy
Buoy: Urethane Laminated Fabric
Dimensions (L x Circumference)
6' x 12" (183 x 30.5cm)
Inflation (Valve)
Combination Oral & QD Hose Inflation
Over Pressure Relief Valve
Manual Dump Valve

Finger Spool Included!

Line Length
50' (15m) WHITE Lline
Attachment Point



Securing a line spool and SMB, connecting them together, deploying them, all while maintaining neutral buoyancy and holding on to other gear, has overwhelmed many a diver.

The Quick Launch Marker Buoy from XS Scuba simplifies the procedure! The line spool is stored within the marker buoy and is already connected to it! Just add air and let it fly. 6' (183cm) in length with a large 12" (30.5cm) circumference provides excellent visibility when deployed on the surface.

Lower pocket includes a spool with 50' (15m) of line. Spool line is attached to D-ring inside the pocket.

Open bottom with anti-spill baffle plus also has a Combination oral and QD hose inflation.

Over-pressure relief valve with pull cord prevents your smb from damage when air expands!

SOLAS reflective tape on both sides increases visibility in low light or night conditions.

The Quick Launch Marker Buoy rolls up to a compact size and is secured with a squeeze-style side-release buckle.


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