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Adapter 3/8-24 Female to 9/16-18 male - Product Image
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Adapter 3/8-24 Female to 9/16-18 male

  • 3/8-24 female end can either screw into your low pressure hose male end fitting or the first stage on a low pressure port or any other threaded area using this thread size
  • The other end "9/16/18 male end will accept low pressure hoses or other threaded areas using this thread size
  • You can connect 2 low pressure hoses together with this adapter!
  • Perfect little step off your first stage for clearance issues!
  • We use a viton o-ring on both ends of this adapter!
  • This is made from solid brass and than electro-plated to give you a good looking adapter and very durable!

  • Piranha's Price: $4.99