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Aluminium Dog Bone Style Lightweight Backplate "Color: Blue"  - Product Image

Aluminium Dog Bone Style Lightweight Backplate "Color: Blue"

Brand new to Piranha is our dog bone type aluminium backplate

We have the 3 top center holes with our slotted bottom for fitting double quickly without the hassle 

The plate is 3.0mm thick

This lightweight plate weighs in at 1lb 3oz!.. Perfect for travel and yet strong enough to support your diving needs! 

Slots are made to fit 2' inch webbing

Plate is perfect for traveling since itis lightweight and also built for everyday use

Plenty of attachment holes along the outside of the plate

Use our harnesses to complete your custom rig 


Overall length: 15 3/4"

Width at top of plate: 9 1/4"

Width at bottom of plate: 10 1/4"

Overall weight: 1lb 2oz  

Piranha's Price: $74.99 
Item out of stock! Please contact us for arrival dates at piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com