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Back in Stock! 2 Inch Nylon Webbing  "Standard Stiffness"  Soft PINK

Back in Stock! 2 Inch Nylon Webbing "Standard Stiffness" Soft PINK

  • We are proud to offer our newest color! Soft PINK.. It has taken years to find this underwater webbing with all the right features. We love adding colors to our dive rigs too make us stand out from the crowd and know our diving rig verses another diver!
  • Thiis color pink is not like a hot or neon pink color but is like a pastel pink which is slightly softer in color but awesome looking 
  •   We use a professional grade of nylon webbing which can be used for many applications
  • Our webbing is a on the is what we called standard stiffness which is used mainly for harnesses and weight belts becuase it has some flexibility but also is slightly flexible. A great webbing to use
  • This webbing is just softer in flex than our med stiff red and other color webbing 
  • Used for weight belts and other applications 
  • Our webbing is made to be more durable for underwater use making it last longer and works better on weight belts, harnesses and backstraps and cam straps!
  • This webbing is design for marine use and will hold up very well with underwater use 

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