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Dive Alert Plus V2 Model  "Standard Bc Connection" - Product Image
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Dive Alert Plus V2 Model "Standard Bc Connection"

  • Here's another nice product for safety!
  • Dive Alert Plus V2 combines the Standard Dive Alert for above water and the plus is you can use it below the water to get your buddies attention!
  • The V2 model is smaller in size!
  • Just one push of a button emits a loud piercing blast that can get you noticed from very long distances and the dive alert plus is a great little underwater signaling device that make a loud racket that can be heard by your dive buddy even if they are wearing a hood
  • Makes a very loud quaking duck type sound
  • The Dive Alert Plus V2 is easily switched back and forth by simply turning the dial from Air to H2O
  • The DV1 V2 model fits most power inflators (not air integrated Octo inflators)

  • Piranha's Price: $63.99