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Dry Bag "YELLOW Closure" - Product Image
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Dry Bag "YELLOW Closure"

* Our dry bag uses magnetics to seal and keep your items dry and secure

* Go upto a depth of 100 feet / 30 meters

* Dry bag floats which allows for easier pictures and video underwater

* You can use your touch screens, button and switches directly and easily through the bag protective outer sheel

* Use your existing camera into an underwater one!

* High quality TPU "BPA-free" material does not interfere with clear shots

* Opening and closing is easy with the magnectics sealing the bag for use

* This dry bag fits:

** Any phone on the market today!

** Can hold your passport and keep it dry and protective

** Secure your wallet from mositure on a dive boat with the dry bag

** New car keys have senititve electronics so keep them dry and safe in this bag

** Have a land camera?  Now use it for underwater shots to see if you really want to spend the money on high price underwater camera's!

** Store several items at a time inside the bag!! It has plently of room

* Dimensions:

** 7.5" inches x 5.75" inches

** 19.05cm x 14.6cm


Piranha's Price: $29.99