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Dry Suit / Pony Bottle Valve  "Nitrox Ready / #813A"

Dry Suit / Pony Bottle Valve "Nitrox Ready / #813A"

  • Our drysuit inflation / pony bottle valve is a self-contained integrated valve and first stage assembly that fits any 3/4" scuba thread cylinder on the market today. You can even use this with argon if you wanted too
  • Measuring only 3 1/4" inches tall "Overall Length"
  • Our valve is complete! With features such as a low pressure swivel for your hose! Includes a psi/bar small spg installed on the valve!
  • The regulator first stage has a balanced piston with an intermediate pressure set at the factory at 100 psi so you are ready to go right out of the box! These valves are ready for nitrox use also!
  • The IP on this valve can be adjusted and you should have a qualified regulator technician do any adjustments on the IP unless you have been trained to do so!
  • Uses a #813 rebuild kit and these are made with viton o-rings!
  • This model uses are threaded fill adapters. You need one of these if you do not have one to fill your cylinder with. If you are not sure which one is best suited for your use please either email or call us to find the correct one
  • Features
  • 2 LP hose ports ready for use and a 3rd port has a low pressure swivel ball adapter included
  • 1 HP hose port has a small pony gauge "psi/bar" included and is pointed up for easy viewing
  • Safety assembly (burst disk) already installed on the unit
  • NOTICE: One way fill valve port for easy filling with a rubber protective cap "You may need to purchase a fill adapter if you do not have one already! Please see below"
  • Short cave style RED knob on the valve for easy on/off that is highly visible
  • Our rebuild kits also are nitrox ready

  • Piranha's Price: $114.99 
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