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Dss Opv & Outer Hex Nut - Product Image

Dss Opv & Outer Hex Nut

This kit comes with the basic DSS opv and the outer hex nut!

Large diameter kernmantle pull cord!

The larger pull cord is easier to grasp for use

DSS made this opv with a hole large enough to use the larger cord without interference 

As in a large diameter 3mm Kernmantle Pull Cord?

Most Standard OPVs are furnished with thin cords and plastic pull knobs.

To reduce entanglements and inadvertant wing venting many divers remove the plastic pull or toggle and add a longer pull cord.

The larger diameter cords are much easier to grasp and use, particularly with gloves.

There are two problems with changing to a larger cord. Standard OPVs are not designed to use larger cords. The holes in the Outer Cage and inner seat retainer are too small and have to be drilled out, and the available space in the inner seat retainer is too small to accomodate the inner knot on the pull cord.

The first problem is easily solved, just drill out the plastic parts. The second problem, too small a recess for the inner nut is not.

Some will try to fit a large knot in a small recess by heating and melting the knot. This had resulted in failures of the pull cord.

The DSS Solution was to redesign the inner seat retainer to accomodate a larger knot. This redesigned seat retainer also requires a new OPV CAGE or outer cover because the new seat retainer is taller.

The DSS OPV kit includes the new Outer Cage, SS Spring, 3mm and Kernmantle pull cord, inner seat Retainer and Soft Seat. The soft seat is made of a thermoplastic elastomer, all other molded parts are Delrin.

*** Wings with three piece threaded through fittings will also require a DSS Hex outer or Double nut. 

Piranha's Price: $20.99