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Dyneema Glove with Polyurethane-Dip Palm "Medium"

Dyneema Glove with Polyurethane-Dip Palm "Medium"

  • Here is a new type of glove that you just need to try!
  • Using the polyurethane dip in the palm area allows you to feel your speargun trigger easily but with the added protection of the dyneema material
  • This is a semi sticky covering which allows you to hold your spear with little effort! And now for the bonus of this glove is if your a knife it WILL NOT cut your hands! Take a razor blade or any knife edge on any part of this glove and it will not cut through!! The reason is the dyneema material is cut resistant! Do not push the pointed tip into it but only use the sharp edge
  • Clean your fish with this glove even
  • When purchasing this glove just buy in your normal size glove! No worry about going up or down a size they fit true to the sizing
  • Select your sizing below
  • This is the glove used by most spear gunners for the feel and grab!

  • Piranha's Price: $19.99 
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