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Edge Air Nozzle w/a Tire Inflator Dual Purpose

Edge Air Nozzle w/a Tire Inflator Dual Purpose

* Everybody could use one of these guys! Your at home or at a dive and your tire is low on air. Well now you need not worry just have one of these in your kit and your on your way! I know it has saved me many times with my wifes car to get her on the way....

* Easily connects to any standard LP inflator hose to use

* Dual purpose: Has a Tire inflator and Air Nozzle

* Use the Rubber Air nozzle to fill inflatable beds and other inflatables that do not have a standard tire adaptor

* The Metal end fits Standard Tire adaptors with Schrader valves. Includes Split ring and quick plastic snap.

Notice: Service equipment are not eligible for returns unless defective! We will gladly replace any defective piece... 

Piranha's Price: $19.99