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Fin Strap PIN Type "Small" - Product Image
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Fin Strap PIN Type "Small"

Piranha Pin Type Fin Straps: Our fin straps have these features
  • Widely used in the cave and wreck diving community.
  • Stainless steel springs and pins ensure quality and durability
  • Fin straps do not dry out or like plastic buckles break easily
  • Fin Straps automatically compensates for different size feet and boots sizes
  • Easy on / easy off compared to other fin straps with our rubber pull tab on the rear of the strap
  • Fin straps provide a slim profile which helps reduce chance of fouling with line or debris.
  • Are pins are pre-bent for easy installation on your fins
  • Our fin straps will fit Aqua Lung & Scuba Pro Jets & Twin fins.
  • These measure 10" Inches tip to tip!
  • Always check your length by putting on your boot and slide your foot into your foot pocket. Then take a string from one hole around your heel to the next hole where the pin goes into. Measure that piece of string to make sure your length is slightly greater than 10" inches! Note sure they will work just email us piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com and send us your information and we will reply right back to you!!
  • Our PRICE is PER STRAP you must order 2 for a PAIR! This way you can replace one if needed without having to purchase a set.

  • Piranha's Price: $10.49