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Gap Finger Spool! "Pink Finish" - Product Image
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Gap Finger Spool! "Pink Finish"

* We now have our new gap finger spool

* A gap spool is for short corss overs or use for your safety stops!

* Macined out of ALUMINUM and then anodised with an awesome high quality finish in cool colors

* A Large center hole allows you even with gloves to hold this spool with no problems

* The outside edges are grooved to allow you to control your spool

* 14 Machines holes allow you to use a double ender "Select from brass or stainless steel down below if needed!"

* Lightweight and small enough making this gap spool easy to store or clip off without interferring in your rig set-up

* You can choose from 3 different spools:

** Bare spool no line

** 60 feet #18 Orange or Yellow Piranha Dive Line

** 35 feet #24 Oranger or Yellow Piranha Dive Line

* Dimensions:

** 2 1/2" inches diameter long

** 1 1/2" inches wide

** 1" inch diameter finger hole

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