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Green Force Special! HID 50 Pro 13 degree Flood LightHead Only!! "2 Only!" - Product Image

Green Force Special! HID 50 Pro 13 degree Flood LightHead Only!! "2 Only!"

We made a purchase on these Green Force Light Heads and are able to offer you some awesome savings! If you own a Green Force system make sure you grab what you may want since these are at a very special porice and once gone will not be available again at these pricing! Also note that we test each light before shipping ensuring they work before shipping to you!!

Green Force lights have a modular design that offers excellent function and flexibility.

All Green Force battery packs accept most of the company's light heads, like a camera that can accept many lenses, so you can mix and match components to create your perfect light.

This combination matches an FII battery pack with the HID 50 light head, which is a 10-watt bulb with the stated equivalent brightness of a 50-watt halogen. Our light meter test showed it to be one of the brightest with an EV of 8.5 at the center of the hot spot and 6.5 at 12 inches out from center (76 percent of max brightness).

Under water, the pool of light was smooth and even with a blue-white color and a large hot spot. You turn the light on and off by twisting the light head, which is sealed by three O-rings. The NiMH rechargeable batteries offer a long burn time (four hours) and can be recharged in two to three hours.

Piranha's Price: $99.99