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Hog Zenith Din Combo Package  "D3 DIN 300 Bar Cold Water & Second Stage / Smoke Face" - Product Image
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Hog Zenith Din Combo Package "D3 DIN 300 Bar Cold Water & Second Stage / Smoke Face"

  • The new D3 1st stage offers better performance than the D1 in a smaller size and utilizes several of the suggestions users made on how to make the D1 even better.


  • The D3 LP Turret swivel will rotate a full 360 degree with the hoses attached in any LP port, without hanging up on the DIN hand wheel.


  • The D3 will utilize a replaceable hard HP seat, this will allow for better first stage performance, easier serviceability, and a longer regulator life span.


  • The D3 will be offered in DIN Environmentally Sealed, but for those who did not like the added length of a DIN adapter


  • The new Zenith 2nd stage is also an evolution of our proven Classic Pneumatically Balanced 2nd stage.


  • The front cover has been redesigned to improve the performance, function, durability, and styling of the HOG 2nd Stage.


  • The Zenith utilizes a soft touch silicone center portion to provide the ease of clearing found in our HOG Soft Front Cover Accessory but with far superior durability. For the immediate future, if you still desire colored front covers, please continue to order the current Soft Front Cover as an accessory purchase.


  • The Zenith also has new styling that helps to control free flow in current while also providing a cutting edge look to the regulator, so you can represent with style while breathing easy.


  • Your package includes a Zenith Second Stage in Black or Smoke Face with a sealed D3 DIN First Stage

  • Piranha's Price: $349.99