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Hose Retainer Bands 1" Inch Wide "Medium" - Product Image
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Hose Retainer Bands 1" Inch Wide "Medium"

  • Our hose control bands are made from flat Stretchable elastic band!
  • Our stage bands are 1" Inch wide allowing you to secure your hoses until your ready
  • The material used on our stage bands is made for harsh salt water use!
  • Tubing and shock cord may roll during deployment or re-storing your hose back making it hard to manage during your dive
  • We have a loop added to make getting a grip easy
  • Band is black
  • Size is MEDIUM and fits these cylinders: - 7.25" - AL80, LP80, HP80, LP 85, LP 72, HP100, If your cylinder has a diameter of atleast 7.25" inches these will work!
  • Sold per piece!

  • Piranha's Price: $6.99