Do you spearfish? Well check out our newest spearfishing products in Hot Deals and get some quality items at some crazy prices!! Now you can get spearfishing items at prices that will not break the bank     
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ID Gear Marker ORANGE - Product Image
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ID Gear Marker ORANGE

  • Special Marine Grade Flexible Liquid Plastic
  • Water Proof
  • Permanent Marking on almost any surface!
  • Dries in 24 Hours
  • Spot Your Dive Gear on a Crowded Boat and Don't let Your Diving Equipment get LOST!
  • Mark Your Fins, Mask, Regulator, boots, Gloves, wetsuits, Bags and almost anything you want to identify.
  • Remember to ID Your Expensive Dive Gear
  • You are Purchasing ONE ... 1oz Bottle


  • To Mark Neoprene Goods:
  • Apply gear marking paint to a clean and dry surface
  • Allow up to 72 hours to dry / cure prior to diving once you apply the paint!


  • For Rubber and Hard Goods:
  • Clean with an alcohol wipe on the surface you wish to mark
  • Apply gear marking paint and allow 72 hours to dry / cure prior to diving
  • Silicone acts as a lubricant and gear marking paint may not adhere well to it so apply to a mask frame and not the skirt

  • Piranha's Price: $4.99