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Lola Tec Valves 300 BAR 02 Version  "Left Hand Version"

Lola Tec Valves 300 BAR 02 Version "Left Hand Version"

Piranha Dive is pround to get in one of the best valves for tec diving we have seen in a while!
These are cleaned and ready for your mix gas! 
These are 300 bar valves in either left or righthand versions which you can order from our drop down boxes below!

These valves have two independently controlled DIN outlets.

These valves can be used with two 1st stage regulators as an H-valve. Left and Right model can be connected by special flexible crossbar for double tank manifolded configuration or just look at what you can do with these valves.

The biggest advantage of this system is that the double tanks can be disassembled without being emptied! No more losing your mis gas which is costly

The LOLA manifold system does not have any failure point found in other manifolds systems when using their isolator, since each valves side can be independently isolated it is the perfect fix for the tec diver.
These valves use a 3/4 NPS thread which fits all U.S. and Canada cylinders!
These valves can also be used on the following rebreathers today:
**COPIS CCRs with balanced and unbalanced regulators for larger depth range!
Choose either a left or right valve for your diving application.

**A righthand valve is determined when you face a valve a right hand valve will have the black handwheel on your LEFT
**A lefthand valve will have the black handwheel is on the righthand side when looking at the valve face on

A typical CCR oxygen tank on the right side of the unit uses LEFT valve.

Don't forget you can select rebuild kits, plugs for your valves at a special price while getting your valve plusyou can get the anti roll knob which is a must have for cave or wreck divers worry about your valve handwheel turning off during your dive!

These valves use a black handwheel

**NOTICE:: Lastly please take note that these valves use a plug in place of a burst disks! Dive shops will not fill these so if you want a dice shop to fill these please purchase one of our burst disks! The valve will come with the plug in the port which you can then add your burst disks to it at anytime!

Piranha's Price: $179.99 
Add 02 Rebuild Kits  
Add Anti Roll Knob 
Add 1 ZVT Plug w/ Knob Pressure Release