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Lycra Socks with Sole Skin  "Pair" "Select your Color!" - Product Image
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Lycra Socks with Sole Skin "Pair" "Select your Color!"

  • The newest lycra sock with sole skin on the bottom of the foot to aid a little in traction while walking on wet surfaces and makes this sock just a little more durable!
  • Heavy weight 6oz Lycra material for extra comfort and flexibility with quick drying material
  • - Extremely soft and comfortable material while wearing during your dive or even snorkeling

    - Prevents blisters and chafing from fins or booties use

    - Decrease water circulation and keep your feet a little warmer

    - Ideal for use as a protective layer for your foot 

  • One size fits most folks! If your foot is larger than a mens 12 you may not want to get these!
  • 5 colors to choose from! Select the color you want from our drop down box!! 

  • Piranha's Price: $7.99 
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