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Magnetic Hose Holder "Gold/Black" - Product Image

Magnetic Hose Holder "Gold/Black"

  • You can use this to hold your octopus "back-up regulator"
  • You can also use this on your Spg gauge!
  • Also hook one of these onto your Bc hose! Hold your whole hose/inflator unit from hanging down or around.. Secure and control your hose!
  • Allows you to easily to disconnect it and return it back to your mounting position
  • Has very strong magnetics that will hold your spg or octo and not disconnect while diving
  • Color is a black with Gold trim
  • **NOTE** We recommend that you use just a little coating of silicone on the face of the magnetics. Also when your done diving always dry off and seperate to keep any rust formation on the magnetic facing low  

  • Piranha's Price: $11.99 
    Upgrade 3/8 SS Snap