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Masks, Fins & Snorkels Tips

  • Frameless vs. Frame Masks: The lenses we use in our frameless designs will sit closer to your eyes offering a little wider field of vision in all directions. Frameless design masks are also typically lower volume than rigid mask frames. The masks without the thick rigid frame means frameless style masks can be folded up very flat "low profile" and easily stowed in a pocket or a thigh pocket as a 'backup' mask. Many divers find out that the traditional rigid frame designs offer the most stable and secure fit of the types available in todays market. Select a framed design if you are one of those rare individuals who have difficultly finding masks with a good fit.
  • Single vs. Double Lens: Single lens styles of masks will normally offer a clearer view compared to double lens styles because of the absence of the nose bridge. However, single lens masks are typically weigh a little more than a double lens mask because there is simply more glass on these types of designs. Double lens styles are also usually lower volume than a single lens design type of mask. The extreme teardrop lens shape masks offer a better 'lower view" but at the expense of increased mask volume! Consider each design before purchasing your masks
  • Low Volume: There is no perfect mask in todays market that will exceed in every type of diving use but all the masks we offer on our website are suitable for diving and have been tested for that purpose to give you a clear, comfortable dive. Most of our masks on our website are relatively low-volume designs with excellent field of vision based on the design of the masks.
  • We dare you to compare our dive masks for quality, fit and pricing! Purchase one of our masks and if you find that it does not fit you just return it for a FULL refund of your purchase price! Do not be fooled by price here you WILL NOT find a better price dollar for dollar on our masks!