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OmniSwivel SHUT-OFF VALVE: STREAMLINE Shut Off 1" OD - Product Image
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Shut-off / Isolation Valve: Turn ON or OFF flow

  • 9/16"-18 Male to 9/16"-18 Male
  • 1" OD, convex design with hard knurrel suited for cold water use.
  • Arrow indicates flow ON direction
  • Using this type of Shut-off valve can keep a diver from purging valuable gas from the octopus during a dive. This shut off has a positive locking design which make this unit almost impossible to shut-off this unit and can not be accidentally turned on and off during a dive


  • Delrin Sleeve
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Made with 02 compatible material
  • 9/16"-18 Male on one side
    (Connects to a standard regulator hose)
    9/16"-18 Female on the other side of this shut off
    (Connects to a standard regulator)

    • Designed to fit between the octopus
      regulator with a standard low pressure scuba hose.  
    • Delrin Sleeve makes this shut off a very durable unit and is built with oxygen compatible materials.
    • Overall length is 3" inches x 7/8" O.D.
    • Built in the U.S.A.


Piranha's Price: $45.99