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POM Double Ender "High Viz Yellow Main Body" - Product Image
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POM Double Ender "High Viz Yellow Main Body"

* Our latest  POM Double ended clip with stainless steel wire gate
* POM / S.S.#304 wire gate
* Tensile strength : 62 ±2kg / 136+LBS

Overall length is roughtly 3 15/16" inches

This is a great lightweight double ender that is a must have when diving and needing a lightweight double ender!

The 1/2" inch gate opening is large enough to handle most applications

A solid stainless steel spring inside to hold your gate closed 

Many colors to choose from 

What is POM Material – also known as acetal or polyacetal – is a highly crystalline, high-performance engineering polymer that displays a broad range of properties, particularly its low coefficient of friction, excellent wear resistance, high modulus and resistance to many solvents and automotive fuels. 

Piranha's Price: $2.49