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Piranha Dive Stainless Steel Backplate  - Product Image
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Piranha Dive Stainless Steel Backplate

  • Our stainless steel backplate has many features listed below!
  • We have a 3 hole adjustment for your Bc along with the lower being a slot to allow you to quickly mount your wing!
  • This backplate also has slots so you can use cambands instead of an STA for an even closer placement of your diving cylinder
  • This backplate also has curve lower edges to allow you to not feel the bottom of the plate digging in to your backside making this one comfortable backplate
  • Has many holes around the outside edges to connect your dive items easily
  • The center channel is recessed to not allow your STA / Bc bolts to dig at your drysuit or wetsuit
  • Weighs in just under 5 pounds 4.13lbs!
  • Has a satin finish on the outer plate

  • Piranha's Price:    $84.99