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Piranha Stage Bottle Strap - Product Image
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Piranha Stage Bottle Strap

  • So you ask for it and here it is!
  • We have made a high quality strap at down to Earth pricing
  • You can choose from the color of the strap to the size of your swivel bolt snaps!
  • You can even select Brass or Stainless snaps
  • We also use a pvc tubing as a handle to help you carry your cylinders with no effort
  • We have started with the strap that we use but you can make changes based on what you want to pay for
  • Our Strap starts with the following items:
  • Green 1 inch webbing "Blue is also pictured for your reference only!"
  • 1 pieces of tubing for handle
  • 2 1.25 inch SS Swivel Bolt Snaps
  • 2 1.0 inch SS slides
  • Just select from our drop down boxes to create your own custom strap! Oh ya we will build your strap to your specs at no extra charge!
  • For you die hard black only fans we do have black webbing coming shortly...
    Piranha's Price: $19.99 
    Select Color of Webbing  
    Select Handle Color  
    Select Slides  
    Select Swivel Bolt Snaps