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  • The Handi+ is everything it's always been and more! Maxtec has improved the Handi O2 analyzer to better meet your needs for nitrox analysis
  • The simple to use, one-touch calibration button, new overmold and calibration reminder combined with the traditional 2 year warranty, auto-off and size make it the best of its class
  • This analyzer is great for spot-checking directly from your tank via the Quick-Ox Adapter, or from your low flow inflater hose with the BC adapter.
  • New and improved one-touch calibration button
  • Overmold for extra protection
  • One week calibration reminder
  • Small, convenient and portable
  • Auto-off
  • Comes With
  • 1 Operating Manual
  • 1 Oxyknob
  • 1 Lanyard Cord
  • If you want to use the barbed adapter you will need the use of our Bc flow adapter! If you already have one than you do not need to purchase ours! Please make sure and look at ours to make sure they are the same design.. Ours has a ridge when you push the vinyl tubing over it the ridge will hold it in place... The other end uses a standard bc adapter that connects to your bc quick release connector

  • Piranha's Price: $209.99 
    Item out of stock! Please contact us for arrival dates at piranhadivemfg@yahoo.com